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Presidential Priorities

Globalization of Higher Education

Under President Aoun’s leadership, Northeastern has redefined the global university, expanding co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to more than 128 countries and creating new educational and research partnerships that align with the increasingly global nature of higher education.

President Aoun

Use-Inspired Research

President Aoun has strategically aligned the University’s research enterprise with three global imperatives—health, security, and sustainability. Northeastern focuses on transforming research into commercial solutions that address the world’s most pressing problems.

President Aoun
President Aoun

Experiential Learning

Building on Northeastern’s leadership in cooperative education, President Aoun has made experiential learning the centerpiece for the university’s innovation in higher education. The integration of classroom and real world experiences makes a Northeastern education more responsive to the needs of the 21st century economy.

Innovation In Higher Education

President Aoun is a leading voice for innovation in higher education, particularly as Artificial Intelligence and robotics are expected to impact the workforce and the global economy. Northeastern is a leader in innovating in multiple areas, including preparing students for success in this new era, creating knowledge at the frontiers of science, and reaching lifelong learners through a global network of campuses.