Northeastern University, 125 years of experience.

To all members of the Northeastern community:

As we welcome Northeastern’s 125th incoming class to our global community, our new students join a university that has been connected and empowered by experiential learning since its inception in 1898. Today, they join our mission to create the opportunities and innovations that will enable the next 125 years of Northeastern’s world-changing impact.

I invite you to join your community in recognizing how we all have been shaped by the power of experience as we continue to shape it ourselves. We will be led by 125 Experience Campaign Champions from across our Global University System – faculty and staff leaders committed to inspiring us to imagine and create the kind of university we wish to leave future generations.

On October 3, Founders Day, our community will celebrate this milestone with activities that will be as engaging, collaborative, diverse, and innovative as our community itself. In the meantime, you can share your own Northeastern story and learn more about our Campaign Champions at

As we celebrate throughout this year and across the world, the power of experience will continue to connect us and drive us forward. It will continue to encourage us to learn from each other. And it will continue to inspire us to build a better world now and into the future.

The next 125 years of Experience is in our hands. Let us shape it together.


Signature of Joseph E. Aoun

Joseph E. Aoun