To all members of the Northeastern community:

Northeastern’s extraordinary momentum has been fueled by experience as the lifeblood of learning and discovery. Today, the deep well of energy, talent, and spirit within our global community inspires us to celebrate and amplify the power of experience worldwide.

This week, we ignite a unique opportunity to propel Northeastern to unprecedented heights. Beginning tonight at our London campus we will officially launch Experience Powered by Northeastern, our $1.3 billion campaign to fund a vision for the future. Over the next three days—in Boston, Oakland, and Bangkok—we will unleash the power of this campaign to help us understand and solve the world’s interconnected problems and nurture lives of purpose and impact.

Over the next five years, under the leadership of campaign co-chairs and alumni Alan McKim and Todd Manganaro, we will spur innovative new partnerships across our global university system, create unique experiences in interdisciplinary learning and research, and achieve the bold vision of our new academic plan, Experience Unleashed.

Building on transformative gifts from benefactors Dr. Amin Khoury, entrepreneur David Roux, and the Maine-based Alfond Foundation, our campaign will expand the breadth and depth of experiences in six vital areas:

1. Empowering students to learn anywhere, anytime, with anyone—preparing them to be the change agents our world needs.

2. Maximizing faculty excellence by supporting discovery fueled by global experience and unshackled from traditional academic silos.

3. Creating impact engines for path-breaking research that integrate the knowledge and expertise of faculty, students, partners, and alumni across countries, campuses, and disciplines.

4. Building diverse, inclusive communities that enrich and engage with every experience, every challenge, and every solution.

5. Investing in the entrepreneurs who will fuel the economies of tomorrow and launch ventures that benefit all humankind.

6. Expanding our global university system to break down the geographic and cultural barriers that limit our capacity to understand, solve, and remake a world based on our shared humanity.

Experience Powered by Northeastern builds on a foundation we created together—a foundation for a university uniquely positioned to the needs and challenges of our world. Let us join together to bring that vision to life.


Joseph E. Aoun