Dear Members of the Northeastern Community,

The catastrophic destruction and loss of life inflicted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine unites us all in sadness and shock. War, violence, and displacement anywhere are affronts to humans everywhere.

I have personally lived through the horrors of war and the toll it takes on communities. As a community of learning and action, we extend our deepest sympathy and every means of support to our friends, colleagues, and classmates who are directly affected by this tragic crisis or facing uncertainty.

The university is working to support those in need. We are in communication with all students who have citizenship or permanent residency in Ukraine and Russia, and we have moved to ensure their well-being and the continuity of their learning.

In the true spirit of Northeastern, our community is also taking action. The Ukrainian Cultural Club has brought together people from across our University to protest the war. Students are lending tangible support through fundraising. Faculty members are casting light on the geopolitical situation and have contributed valuable research, as can be seen on this website.

Our university’s mission is shaped by reason, fairness, and the pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of all humankind. These principles exist in stark contrast to authoritarianism, suppression, and brute violence. As we join in support of Ukraine, let us be guided by our highest ideals of freedom and enlightenment.


Joseph E. Aoun