To all members of the Northeastern community,

Anti-Asian violence and harassment have been on the rise throughout the pandemic. These shocking incidents against Asian-Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders are antithetical to our core values. Yesterday’s senseless killings in Atlanta are only the latest tragic example.

I join with all members of the Northeastern community in condemning these racist acts. As a global community, we welcome and celebrate people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Doing so makes us stronger as a community and elevates the impact of our teaching and research.

Words of support, healing, and prayer are not enough. Northeastern is a community of action. Anti-Asian bigotry—and all other forms of racism—are corrosive to our shared humanity and must be actively opposed. As I have said in the past, we believe that Northeastern must be more than a microcosm of society—we must be a model of what society can be.

Repairing these deep divisions will require ongoing connection, learning, and discovery. In this troubling and tragic moment, let us join together in advancing the values that unite us as a community of reason and justice.


Joseph E. Aoun