To all international students:

Central to our identity as a university community is our unwavering belief that our global diversity makes us stronger. Our ability to acquire and disseminate new knowledge depends on our ability to embrace diverse cultures, viewpoints, and experiences.

The United States has a proud tradition of opening its doors to welcome the best and brightest minds from around the world. As someone who came to this country as an international student, the recent ruling from the Department of Homeland Security is not political—it is deeply personal.

I want to reassure you that Northeastern will not retrench on its global mission. Whether you are a current student or admitted student—you are a vital thread in the fabric of our community. We will stand up for your right to pursue your dreams—wherever they may take you.

Importantly, the DHS proposal appears to be limited in its particular application to Northeastern. International students on our campuses accessing our innovative, hybrid instruction model are unlikely to be affected. Nevertheless, just as we took steps earlier this spring to ensure that students’ visa status would not be compromised by the university’s move to remote learning, we are currently working with our higher education partners to ensure that this latest proposal is rescinded or substantially revised before becoming final.

In the days ahead, the Chancellor’s office will be in touch directly with you to provide updates in greater detail. Please contact the Office of Global Services with questions or concerns.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to being a diverse, inclusive, and truly global community. We will continue to advocate for you, and to welcome you.



Joseph E. Aoun