To all members of the Northeastern community:

In the world of higher education, truly historic moments happen when a compelling vision is joined together with a powerful investment. I am writing to let you know that we are experiencing one of these moments today.

Later this morning we will announce the establishment of the Khoury College of Computer and Information Sciences. This naming honors Amin Khoury, an alumnus and trustee who has pledged $50 million to support the future of the college and its centrality to the university’s mission.

To anyone who knows Amin Khoury, it will come as no surprise that he chose to make this particular investment at this precise moment.

Amin is a far-sighted entrepreneur who built his career by anticipating trends and making transformative decisions. Amin understands the limitless promise of technology to shape our society, and his support will allow us to advance the frontiers of knowledge in the age of artificial intelligence. All of us in the Northeastern family are grateful for his wisdom and support.

Amin first joined our family three decades ago, earning an executive MBA from Northeastern in 1989. He parlayed his learning into B/E Aerospace, a global manufacturer of airline cabin interior equipment. Within 20 years, the company Amin founded was supplying virtually every major airline in the world.

Among the bedrock truths he took from those decades is that every business leader needs to surround him or herself with creative problem solvers; and that young idea-generators, as the problem solvers of tomorrow, need support.

Amin’s leadership and accomplishments went far in earning him Northeastern’s inaugural Distinguished Entrepreneur Award. This award is also how Amin came to make his first investment in Northeastern, as he and his wife launched the Amin J. and Julie E. Khoury Endowed Scholarship Fund for undergraduate entrepreneurs.

Their generous and timely gift was a precursor to the moment we are celebrating today—one that will reverberate across our own community of problem solvers and idea-generators.

The Khoury College will be an engine of learning, discovery, and innovation, propelling our efforts to evolve higher education for the A.I. age, lighting the way for the rest of the world.

We have the vision and, increasingly, thanks to special friends like Amin, we are generating the resources to be that beacon.

I look forward with great optimism to sharing our next historic moment together.


Joseph E. Aoun