To members of the Northeastern University community:

I’m writing to share some very exciting news with you before a public announcement is made. After a year of extensive discussions, Northeastern has entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with New College of the Humanities, a university-level college based in the heart of London.

Once approved by regulators in the United Kingdom—and our accreditors in the U.S.—this new partnership will open up a broad range of learning and research opportunities that benefit both institutions. It will also pave the way for Northeastern to become the first U.S. university with a college in its global network that can confer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the U.K. The new entity will be known as NCH at Northeastern.

Our proposed merger with NCH—a respected new entrant into the European higher education landscape—is an alliance between two distinct and complementary institutions. Known for its rigorous one-to-one tutorial method, NCH is a leader in humanities education. Combined with Northeastern’s preeminence in experiential learning—and our comprehensive portfolio of academic disciplines—we will create unmatched opportunities for learners on both sides of the Atlantic, and around the world.

Students at both institutions will have access to new academic offerings, joint degrees, preferred and accelerated pathways into master’s degree and certificate programs. The partnership will also facilitate student and faculty mobility throughout Northeastern’s network of campuses across North America.

As many of you know, Northeastern already has a strong presence in London, including a highly engaged alumni community and relationships with many prestigious co-op employers. London is also home to the England program, which will be enhanced through our new partnership with NCH. We are now poised to expand the impact of experiential learning and use-inspired research in the United Kingdom. New lifelong learning partnerships—including 21st century apprenticeships—will be developed with U.K. employers to provide opportunities for working professionals.

Due to the need to finalize the remaining financial, legal and regulatory elements, an official announcement will not take place until next month. It is important to respect this process.

Nevertheless, I want to acknowledge all of the work done thus far, and thank those who served on the joint NCH-Northeastern Planning Committee for the past four months. (Their names and affiliations are listed below.)

Our academic plan, Northeastern 2025, is based on the premise that learning and discovery are made more powerful through global networks. By joining forces with NCH, we will further extend our teaching and research mission, and multiply the positive impact we can have on people and societies around the world.



Joseph E. Aoun



Planning Committee Members

Callum Barrell, Lecturer in Politics & International Relations, NCH

James Bean, Provost & SVP for Academic Affairs, Northeastern

Nicholas Bradley, Chief of Staff & Counsel to President Aoun, Northeastern

Carla Brodley, Dean, College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern

Stephen Dnes, Head of Faculty & Lecturer in Law, NCH

Rob Farquharson, Chief Operating Officer, NCH

Naomi Goulder, Head of Faculty & Senior Lecturer, NCH

Ken Henderson, Dean, College of Science, Northeastern

Kaelan Kennedy, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs & Planning, Northeastern

Neal Lerner, Professor of English, Northeastern

Mary Loeffelholz, Dean, College of Professional Studies, Northeastern

Chris Mallett, Vice President & COO of Lifelong Learning Network, Northeastern

Philly Mantella, Senior Vice President & CEO of Lifelong Learning Network, Northeastern

Clare Martin, Director of Administration & Project Management, Northeastern

Uta Poiger, Dean, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Northeastern

Sanfra Shefelbine, Associate Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Northeastern

Martin Smith, Executive Dean, NCH

Cigdem Talgar, Associate Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, Northeastern