To all members of the Northeastern family:

Ours is a global community, a gorgeous mosaic of diverse identities, backgrounds, and beliefs. Because of this, we share a global perspective–an inclusive and mutually respectful worldview that is powerfully needed at this moment in our national and global discourses.

But that is not all that unites us. Northeastern is a family. Family members help each other, support each other through challenging times–and most of all, love each other, no matter what. In that spirit, let me state emphatically and unequivocally that Northeastern embraces all members of our diverse family, of every origin, background, orientation, gender, and belief.

I know that the events of recent days–and indeed, the tumult of recent months, both nationally and globally–have left many of us feeling vulnerable. Please know that Northeastern will always be a haven for inclusion and free expression. We will always defend human dignity. We will never countenance bigotry or intolerance in any form. On this, we will never compromise.

Many of us are continuing to feel strong emotions of different kinds. Let us turn this passion into compassion. As we always have, let us respond to divisiveness with unity, and to hatred with love.

May we never forget that the course of history always moves us toward greater understanding and progress. So let us lead by example, and be a shining star for those who, at this moment in our history, are seeking light.



Joseph E. Aoun