Dear members of the Northeastern community,

As the entire world grieves for the victims of today’s horrific massacre in Orlando, we, too, bow our heads in sorrow.  Northeastern is a community of reason, inclusion, and ardent belief in the value of humanity.

This abhorrent crime is an assault on these values, and on the values of freedom, diversity, and fellowship that form the deepest foundations of our university.  As we mourn in this time of tragedy, may this also be a time for us to reaffirm these cherished beliefs.

To everyone in our LGBTQ community, and its allies, we stand with you in unbreakable solidarity against all forms of hate.  To any member of our community who has been hurt or affected by the events in Orlando, please know that we are here for you.

The people of Orlando—and all the members of the LGBTQ community—have our deepest support and most heartfelt prayers.


Joseph E. Aoun

If you or someone you know requires counseling services or other assistance, please contact We Care at 617-373-4384 or