Our Academic Plan, developed in 2007, articulates a bold vision for Northeastern University. Today, we are reaping the benefits of our strategic and deliberate efforts. We are stronger and our momentum continues to accelerate.

But we cannot rest on our laurels. There is more for us to do.

At the Town Hall Meeting last month, and earlier this week at the Faculty Senate, Provost Director and I presented an overview of the University’s Long Range Plan, which is the Academic Plan in action. The Long Range Plan covers four priorities, which do not stand in isolation; they intersect at multiple levels and are strengthened by Northeastern’s unique, world-based approach to teaching and research:

1.  Education: Transform education through leadership in global experience and innovative, student-centered learning opportunities.

2.  Faculty:  Build faculty leadership through an expansive recruitment strategy that aligns with our research themes and our focus on interdisciplinary collaboration.

3.  Research: Advance innovative solutions to critical global challenges through leadership in use-inspired, interdisciplinary research.

4.  Student Experience: Lead the creation of a richer student experience through community building on campus, in our neighborhoods, and around the world.

To achieve the same kind of University-wide study, discussion and refinement that so enriched the Academic Plan, I invite you to review the Long Range Plan and provide feedback – either by e-mail or at an upcoming Long Range Plan discussion session. We have developed a Long Range Plan website to assist in this effort.

You helped bring our Academic Plan to life. Now help us turn the vision of the Academic Plan into action and propel our University to even greater heights.

Joseph E. Aoun