To Members of the Northeastern Community:

All of us are deeply saddened when a member of our University family passes away. Emily Staupe, who died unexpectedly yesterday, was connected to Northeastern in many ways. She was a researcher, graduate student, and member of the class of 2005. At a relatively young age, Emily had dedicated her life to knowledge discovery. In addition to her significant academic interests, Emily was an avid figure skater and resident of Milford, Massachusetts. Our thoughts are with her family, friends, and colleagues during this tragedy.

Although the University has protocols surrounding the use of hazardous materials, I am calling for an extensive review of these protocols following Emily’s death. A review is both wise and appropriate at this time. I have asked Vice Provost for Research Melvin  Bernstein, a former senior official in the Department of Homeland Security, to chair this review. A materials science expert who recently joined Northeastern, Dr. Bernstein is the former director of the Office of Research and Development, Science and Technology Directorate, within the Department of Homeland Security. He is the ideal person to undertake this important endeavor.

Northeastern is more than a university; it is a worldwide community of people who, like Emily Staupe, are drawn together in the shared pursuit of knowledge. At times like these, we must draw upon that sense of community to support each other as we mourn the passing of our friend and colleague.

Joseph E. Aoun