Dear Students and Colleagues,

As we watch the tragic events unfold at Virginia Tech, I feel it is important to remind the members of our community that your safety is paramount to us. It is a sad fact that random acts of violence occur. We have taken steps to minimize the extent of that possibility on our campus. Measures like 24 hour identification checks in the residence halls are in place for your protection. We also staff a large, well-trained police force and we collaborate closely with the Boston Police Department. You can help in this preventative effort. Should you ever see anyone behaving in a manner that you deem suspicious, trust your instinct and call the Northeastern Police Department at 617-373-3333. They are there to help.

Today we are reminded in a very sad and vivid way of just how precarious life is. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the Virginia Tech community. We have many students from Virginia who may know people directly involved in today’s attack. Should you or anyone you know be impacted by this tragedy, please contact University Health and Counseling Services at 617-373-2772. The Spiritual Life Office is also available at 617-373-2728.