To the Northeastern Community:

Environmental sustainability is an issue of local, national, and global significance. The consequences of inaction would be shared by all humanity. Therefore, all individuals and institutions share responsibility for taking action to create a sustainable environment. The leadership of Northeastern University is fully committed to this effort.

Over the last several years this university has taken steps to address environmental sustainability and become a “greener” institution. These include usage of low flow water fixtures and compact fluorescent bulbs, and recycling of asphalt and other construction materials. We have been aggressive with energy conservation measures by cutting our consumption of oil, gas and electricity. We burn primarily natural gas in the central heating plant. We provide campus-wide recycling programs for paper and plastics. These important steps provide a foundation upon which we will build.

Going forward, we will accelerate the greening of all of our facilities in Boston and elsewhere. I have made it a top priority for our university to assess our options and define assertive and responsible actions to speed our progress towards environmentally friendly policies, systems and facilities. Sustainability will factor into our all of our decisions and plans for new services, building designs, and product choices. I appeal to all faculty, staff, and students to take their own individual steps towards making Northeastern an exemplar in sustainability.

Institutions across the nation are recognizing the urgency of this issue. Although each will address it in its own way, it is important to demonstrate that we are united in a common effort. To that end, I have decided to sign the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, pledging Northeastern University’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Given our pioneering efforts in this domain, it is appropriate that Northeastern should be a founding member of this movement.