To the Northeastern Community:

On December 5, 2006, I wrote to you about the importance of seizing the momentum created by our recent open dialogue on the issues of racism and intolerance. To that end, I am pleased to inform you of the formation of the Committee on Community Harmony and Inclusion.

With representation from students, faculty and staff, this committee will look into ways of building on our shared commitment to be a national and international leader in respecting our diversity, and reaffirming the humane values common across cultures, religions, and races/ethnicities. They will examine how to foster positive inter-group relationships on campus.

I am pleased that the following members of the Northeastern community have agreed to serve on this important committee.

Committee Member Title/Department
Dennis Cokely Associate Professor, American Sign Language
Luis Falcon Vice Provost, Graduate Education
James Hackney Professor, School of Law
Robert Hall Associate Professor, African-American Studies
Debra Kaufman Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Jack Levin Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Mary Loeffelholz Professor, English
Gordana Rabrenovic Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Tracy Robinson-Wood Professor, Counseling & Applied Psychology
Alan West-Duran Associate Professor, Modern Languages
Ibrahim Zeid Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Jan Anderson Associate Director, Disability Resource Center
Shelli Jankowski-Smith Director, Spiritual Life
Donnie Perkins Dean, Affirmative Action
Peter Roby Director, Center for the Study of Sport in Society
Cheryl Whitfield Associate Director, Human Resource Management
Simal Gaglani Student
Margaret Kamara Student
Katherine Palermino Student
Devin Phillip Student
Marines Piney Student


I am also pleased to inform you that Professor Tracy Robinson and Professor Mary Loeffelholz have agreed to serve as co-chairs of the Committee.